Dassault Falcon 2000 Series for Private Jet Charter

December 14th, 2011

The Falcon 2000 is an intercontinental-range business jet, first certified in 1994. Dassault Aviation is known for its innovative aerodynamics, exquisite design, stringent quality control in its manufacturing operations, systems development, and overall craftsmanship. The Dassault Falcon 2000 Series includes the 2000EX, 2000LX, 2000DX, and the first 2000S is scheduled for 2013. The 2000S features interior design by BMW Group DesignWorksUSA, new avionics EASyII Flight Deck System, improved wing design, and more efficient engine upgrades with reduced emissions. The Large Jet Falcon 2000S will have costs associated with much smaller business jets, as well as comparable handling and performance. Dassault Aviation design begins with your comfort in mind, then applies their technology to fit your needs. Dassault; ‘We wanted the cabin to be more than just spacious. We wanted you to be able to work and relax in style’. As Dassault is known for it’s market leadership in engine and system technologies, they are equally renown for their attention to detail in their cabin designs.

Upon entering the cabin of the Falcon 2000, which is built around the spacious fuselage shape, and finished in plush carpet, leather, and exotic hardwoods, one immediately feels at home. Every part placed in this aircraft is precisely figured and balanced with speed and luxury in mind. According to Dassault; ‘A perfect balance must be then struck to optimize the relationship between size, weight, fuel capacity and engine thrust.’ The elements of design for the Falcon 2000 are unique in that they include state-of-the-art materials, precise engineering with the latest technology, and the highest quality certified tradespeople. Seldom does anyone get to see and experience the results of this remarkable merging of industry specialists, all overseen by Dassault’s separate white-glove quality control team. Every part of every Falcon is built under the Dassault Falcon name, and their outstanding reputation is justified with each new aircraft.

When booking your next trip, we highly recommend any business jet in the Falcon 2000 line. The Falcon 2000 series is among the most advanced corporate jets in the skies, and it is Dassault Aviation’s commitment to your comfort, wants, and needs, that make this series one of the most sought after for private jet charter. The Falcon 2000 delivers an interior cabin space that is contemporary in style, more comfortable, and better equipped than others in its class, with the operating costs associated with those of much smaller aircraft. Call us today for a Falcon 2000 quote, and we guarantee you will be hooked!

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August 23rd, 2011

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The Intangible ROI of an InJet Card – Family Time

September 4th, 2009



A Long term InJet Light Jet 25 Member (Member Since 2007) was at a board meeting in Jacksonville, FL. He was scheduled on Commercial to depart Jacksonville for return to his summer home in Burlington, Vermont in time for his Grand Daughter’s Dance Recital on Thursday night.

There was a mechanical problem with the aircraft which caused a delay and subsequent cancellation of the flight. The delay alone was going to force this member to miss his connection in La Guardia and therefore miss his granddaughter’s recital. He immediately calls the person at InJet whose voice he always recognizes, the guy that doesn’t have to ask what kind of aircraft he likes, or what his favorite sandwhich is, his go-to guy. InJet immediately within 1 hour and 20 minutes of his phone call launched an aircraft to pick him up out of Jacksonville and fly him on to Burlington, VT non-stop.

This InJet Light Jet member got a complimentary upgrade to a Hawker 800A and made it up to Burlington 1 hour and 15 minutes before he would have landed, had his commercial flight departed on time. More time with his granddaughter – the moments add up.

Just an example that ROI is not just measure in $$$

P.S Did we mention that we used private aircraft to help adopt his other granddaughter back in 2006. Another InJet Success Story

Vail, CO freshly extended and resurfaced Runway is now open

September 4th, 2009

As of September 1st, 2009EGE Runway Construction

The Eagle County Airport in Vail, CO (EGE) is now open again for aircraft traffic after a $40 Million resurfacing and runway extension. Eagle County officials just completed a 1000ft extension to runway 07/25 to 9000ft in length. The completion of this extension occurs in time for this years upcoming Ski Season.

This runway modification makes Eagle a great  option for our clients flying into Aspen, Rifle and outlying ski areas given its runway length and airport location. With the current extension most aircraft can make the usual Northeast /New York and South East /Florida Airports non-stop 95% of the time.

Seasoned Private Jet Fliers are all to aware that flying in and out of Aspen for example poses some safety concerns due to it’s location. Especialy due to Aircraft performance and the ability to make the departure climb requirements. Therefore only Citation X’s or larger can make it non-stop to the East Coast safely. The new runway at Eagle virtually elimates these concerns thus making it a safer option for travel in and out of the Colorado Ski Area. InJet members can now enjoy non-stop flights on Lear 60′s, Hawker 800′s and most midsize aircraft as well.

InJet will be posting the dates for this year’s Mountain Ski Area Slot Requirements as soon as they are posted. Stay Tuned!